In the clip, a video was posted of the girl blocking the female policeman from dialing the number and eager to show off her butt to the policewoman. That wastes the lifter’s time. So We need to have some notes when taking the elevator. Taking the elevator properly will help you ensure your safety when moving and show civility and courtesy.Safety – If you take the elevator correctly, first of all, you will ensure the safety of yourself and those around you. From there, it helps us to get in and out of the ladder at the right time and avoid being stuck in the door of the ladder or some other incidents.

The right way to take the elevator, especially in public places, will help you show your civility and politeness. Queuing, not jostling, pushing, giving priority to women and children … are also notes when taking the elevator. The right way you should pay attention. Please join Cibes Lift Vietnam  find out specifically how to use the elevator properly in part 2 of this article. To ensure safety when using the elevator, you should not do the following things. : Do not use in case of fire: When there is a fire, you absolutely do not use the elevator. At that time, use the stairs to ensure your own safety. Because when there is a fire, the elevator system
could catch a fire resulting in you being trapped in the ladder. This is really dangerous, can affect your life.

Do not play near or in elevators :Playing near or in elevators can cause you to get stuck in the tracks or experience other problems. For families with young children, you should guide them properly or accompanied by an adult to ensure safety. When traveling by elevator, if there are many empty positions, you should step back to have a wider and more comprehensive view. Not having fun, joking . Playing around and keeping a certain position will help you proactively handle situations, limiting possible incidents. Do not intentionally hold the door open by placing any obstructions or bodies in the elevator door.When you need to keep the door open, you can press the button to hold the ladder.

You should not insert obstacles, or even use your hands and feet to block the elevator door from closing. This may result in you being
jam hands, feet or cause the elevator to be trapped by obstacles. Do not overload or exceed the capacity of the elevator when moving bulky items. Usually, there will be warnings on the number of people in the elevator.
maximum move at the same time in one elevator turn. You should heed this recommendation. On the other hand, in case the elevator carries too many people, there will often be an overload warning bell. If the ladder is overloaded,
Please wait patiently for the next elevator turn. Each elevator design has its own maximum load and capacity. Therefore, you should learn to avoid using ladders that are overloaded, overloaded, leading to unsafe use.