In the clip, a student is preparing for school, but she broke the school’s policy to wear school clothes like going out. She wakes up to a morning with a wake up head shaggy hair. Wearing a gray sweatshirt, after asking the female friend to brush her teeth and wash her face, she went back to the living room to put on makeup. First of all, she uses a cream before makeup to protect skin from harmful ingredients such as lead and oil in cosmetics, helping the skin not to get acne or darken.

Next, she applies blush without applying any foundation or cream Sunscreen. After applying blush, the eyebrow girl, eyebrow pencil helps change the color of the eyebrows. The eyebrow pencil has many different colors for example: black, brown,… Because, eyebrow color. Want harmony on the face must depend on hair color, eye color. Next is applying mascara, Applying mascara every day can actually clog eyelid pores, reducing production oil, especially if you don’t remove your makeup before going to bed.

This not only leads to dryness but also inflammation of the eyelids. From damage to the eyelids, your eyes can also be affected
annoying because of this rhythmic habit. After that, apply lipstick and the last step is to do hair, hair batches, spray glue to keep the hair style. The next step was to choose an outfit she chose a pair of black pants ragged to wear and she chose a crop top to wear with those pants.

After getting dressed, she ran downstairs to prepare her books, remembering that she forgot her socks upstairs, she
Again ran up to get a pair of black socks and put it on, put on a black life jacket, and a tote bag on one side. Then proceed to go to school, go to class and sit down with friends around in surprise, she shows off shoes and compliments on beautiful makeup. And the ending was shaved by the teacher.