The video below captures the image of a girl playing with a very close dog, and looking at her; it seems that she is playing with her pet dog, but she was training her client’s dog how to protect their 2-year-old in case of a seizure. She pretends to lie on the floor, and the dog looks very worried ran around the girl.

When she lay face down, he ran over to support the girl’s head; although it was tiny and challenging still tried his best. And looks worried. The dog’s adorable attention is loved by many netizens, who are very interested in the dog’s emotional intelligence. Dogs are animals that are very close to humans. Dogs are the first animals to be domesticated by humans and have been bred over millennia with many species.

Behavior, sensory abilities, and physical characteristics. This animal is used for housekeeping or as a hobby. Their teeth are used to kill prey, chew and gnaw meat, and sometimes bite each other. Dogs have widely raised animals worldwide; they can look after the house, herd sheep, guide the way, pull the cart, and are protein-rich food.

Dogs help people with many things, such as housekeeping and hunting, and are considered the most loyal and affectionate animals to humans. Today, the need to feed Pet dogs are being developed, so many players are interested in s, mall breeds like dogs, Chihuahuas, or intelligent dog like Collies.