A group of boys and girls are classmates, they organize a game with a very interesting and simple way to play. The action of the first person will be the same

as the action of the first person, as they start to line up and one by one will start taking on the challenge.

The first player is a girl, she jumps and then does the jump for the second person to do, the second guy starts the first person move and ends with a push-up.

It wouldn’t be worth mentioning when the next person was a girl, after seeing his last act like that, she was shocked and froze. He did a very weird prank on her

and she didn’t know what to do, she couldn’t pull up her shirt and show her breasts.

Netizens were also surprised by this, some said that he knew his duty so he played a very painful prank on her.

Accept failure and receive punishment or continue the challenge is her choice.

The video has attracted views and comments from netizens, many of which are curious as to which way she will choose before the boy’s actions.

“He knows the mission!!”