In the clip, a girl wearing a white shirt and black skirt comes home from work on an empty street when two strange young men threaten to stop her. Fortunately for her, there were three electricians sitting near her, so they all ran out to stop her, but the two brothers found themselves in a weak position and ran away.

But being recorded by the road camara, two young men were caught to testify. Receiving information, the Police Command coordinated to verify and track down the perpetrators. By karmic measures, 48 hours after receiving the information, the investigating agency identified the suspect recorded in the camara and summoned to work. Initially, the two men did not admit the behavior and declared the time of the incident. However, after 12 hours of work, in front of the collected evidence and documents, the two men bowed their heads to admit the crime.”

The police commander said that the two men confessed that the subject was addicted to playing games. On the evening of August 24, after the game ran out of money, the two men came up with the idea of robbing property to get money to play. When she came to an empty road, she saw her walking alone, unintentionally intending to rob her property, but was stopped by three electricians. Based on collected documents and evidence, the investigating agency prosecuted the accused and applied measures. detained for two brothers to clarify the act of robbery. Decisions approved by the People’s Procuracy of the same level.