A recent video re-uploaded the image of a girl sitting on the phone, and when she got up, another girl held a bottle of water and put it on the chair she was sitting on, There she sat right there to see the results. Another guy came over, picked up the water bottle, and put the bottle cap on the girl sitting there. The girl was listening on the phone comfortably.

And did not know what was happening around them. And finally, the girl also sat down. Because the bottle cap was open, the water in the bottle overflowed when she sat down. The video ended in disappointment, making viewers extremely curious about how the victim girl would react to this incident next.

Many people expressed anger on behalf of the girl and thought that this was a bad joke and it would be very uncomfortable to be dragged out by others to make such a joke before acting. Then put yourself in other people’s shoes to see if it’s okay and find out if the joke is harmful, causing trouble for others.

The video quickly received much attention from netizens, who thought this was a situation where the like sentence was staged. The other girl knew the truth but
deliberately sat down to create a controversial video. Currently, in the game of liking and producing strange situations on social networks is a lot, many people
use enough tricks and trouble others to achieve their goals. And several netizens also follow, so this situation continues and increases.
That’s why let’s ignore and ignore the videos of negative sentences that disturb others to build a cleaner and more civilized online community.