In the newly posted video, the camera can be seen recording a scene in a late and deserted street, the girl in the video is returning from work on that road.

When she was a short distance away, she was blocked by two strange young men who did not let her go, two young men teased her and tried to rob her.

While panicking and thinking she was in trouble, three men sitting on chairs who were street cleaners ran up to her and helped her. The three of them came and

stopped the two young men and eventually the two of them left.

It was also thanks to them that she returned safely, these two young men knew that she was going at this hour, the road was good, so these two young men had

bad intentions and tried to rob the girl’s property this .

This is also a lesson for girls who work, going out late alone will make young men with bad intentions take advantage of loopholes to do bad things.

The video made netizens extremely worried when the girl came home in the middle of the night and caused a dangerous situation, many even thought that

she was lucky to be helped by 3 boys.