The video posted a picture of a street dance group holding a practice competition with each other. And a sexy girl dancing with a dwarf mushroom guy.
He continued to perform ridiculous dances that were offensive and provoked that guy; suddenly, he was about to pull down his pants to do something but was quickly stopped by everyone.

The short video quickly spread widely and was criticized by netizens for the actions of this girl and boy. Many people could not believe what was happening and felt humiliated by it. They harshly criticized the cars when these two destroyed the beautiful images of people dancing. I can’t imagine how they can do such things in front of a crowd and even post it online.

Nowadays, many people have done strange and even ridiculous actions online to polish their name and disguised publicity to become famous. Despite
criticism and condemnation of the online community. Through the video, young people can also look back and act civilly before everything to build a society,
cleaner and more beautiful civilized community.