The video shows a girl sitting on a small chair with her back to the screen; she wears a pair of thick high heels with flowing hair and shoes. And wrap it around
with a towel. She started to stand up and opened the towel, making everyone interested.

Then the girl stood up and turned around, causing Viewers were shocked. It turned out that it wasn’t a sexy girl like everyone thought, but it was a guy pretending to trick viewers. Many people were surprised by the situation and laughed at the boy’s humor in this joke, and they don’t like girls who use their bodies to get likes.
Language. Besides, many people expressed regret because they couldn’t see the body of a sexy girl but a guy like that.

Netizens shared:
“Based on my unusual genetic synthesis electromagnetic research with a combination of traffic to mixed solar skills, I realized that
this video touches my heart, soul, bones, toes, knees, shoulders, and head.”
“I don’t think I’ll forgive you for this”
“I’ll never forgive you for playing with their feelings.”
“Does anyone else think he would show off a bikini”
“You don’t; I think it’s a classic sexy lady; you just ruined the show.”