You must have a way to train the kittens to obey and be obedient to make them do your will. Cats are completely tame and teachable animals. The girl in the video
This has a rather unusual way of doing this when she wanted the kittens to stay in place, she lifted the kitten and spun it around in the air, then released the still lying cat in the nest. She does so with all 3 kittens in turn, lying obediently in them, but it doesn’t seem like her method is a good way that these cats get dizzy when She turns around like that.

How to train a kitten to obey needs to be done properly and persistently. Doing this helps you live a more comfortable life with cats, not getting angry at their indiscriminate and unwanted behaviors. Specifically:
Make eye contact with the cat :

It’s important to make eye contact that your cat understands your feelings. You should practice eye contact with cats more, they will be more obedient. The use of eyes is very effective in expressing one’s command without having to shout it out loud.

Set up cat rewards
During training, you need to set up rewards for cats to make them love them more. You can choose treats that cats really enjoy like sausages, fish, nuts, pate
fragrant, cake…

Establish connection with clicker
This is a training method that uses a training noise button. This way of teaching a kitten to obey you will train the cat to connect to this button and obey the command.
Step 1: You will choose a quiet place for the kitten to focus on listening
Step 2: Make the cat request and press the button, if the cat follows, it will reward it with a gift.
Step 3: Repeat this action as long as the cat hears the pull button and then follows it because he believes that there will be a reward.