The girl in the video is a guy’s girlfriend at the pool, he asked his girlfriend to take a picture and this also made her tell this story to everyone.

When she pulled out her phone and took a picture of her boyfriend, she was surprised that all the other guys were staring at her as if something was out of the ordinary.

She was also shy because of this and delayed taking pictures for her boyfriend, she didn’t understand why they were staring at her like that.

Some speculate that when she took out her phone and they thought they were taking a picture of them and it was as if everyone present was looking at her and she was looking at them too.

And her boyfriend is waiting for pictures from her. Many netizens have expressed their opinions with this girl’s actions, many of them said that why should she

care, do not look and do not care about those people, how do you know they are staring at her. Some people have their own opinions:

“You obviously don’t care too much about them… She has to stare at them to know they’re staring at her”

“Why should she care about such things?”