The girl in the video makes the boys present admire because she is so strong and good, exercises weights in a very special way that many boys admire.

First of all, we need to get rid of the idea that only boys can lift weights, because this is a misconception, if weight training is done properly, it is as effective as other sports.

Sports experts recommend weight training because it brings practical benefits as follows: Losing weight, reducing belly fat effectively, exercising properly will help you lose belly fat extremely effectively and regain a slim waist compact, firm.

When weight training, excess substances such as fat will be converted into energy, which means that muscles will grow and excess fat will be consumed to help you have a balanced and attractive figure.

In addition, weight training is also very good for mothers after giving birth because it helps to get in shape effectively and safely. Improve health, reduce pain.

Weight training has a very good effect on the skeletal system, reducing pain, good for the digestive system… Used for women who sit in the office a lot, suffer from back diseases such as spinal degeneration, pain. back, herniated disc… when using weights, the disease will quickly subside.

Instead, a body full of energy, full of life. Help increase height: For girls who want to increase their maximum height during puberty, they need to persevere in weight training to stimulate cartilage growth.

For women with short stature, this is a safe measure, leaving no sequelae. Just persistently exercising for a long time combined with a calcium-rich diet will definitely increase your weight by 8-9 cm in a few years.

Reduce stress, create comfort for the body: Practicing pull up bar helps women reduce stress, reduce stress after many hours of work. Working out with weights keeps you radiant and fresh.