The policeman in the video asked him to stop, he brought his wife and the reason this policeman asked to stop was because he asked him. Have small children,

but why not have a baby chair?

When he heard the policeman say that, he said that he did not have children, after hearing his answer, the policeman had to ask again and at this time his wife

slowly gave a pregnancy test show your husband.

The guy at this time was extremely surprised by this wonderful thing, they wished for a child and this paid off. This moment was so special that it made him pause

for a few seconds, this girl was going to surprise him after coming home but an unexpected situation happened so this is a way to surprise her husband.

Many people think that sometimes this is what makes him remember forever:

“It’s sad but it’s true and real and happens almost every day. But the media is always corrupted”

“It’s very special, he must be very happy”

“I can’t stop watching this. Love it”