The video below captures a chaotic image on the road; many people are gathered, and the police are aware. The remarkable thing is that they are watching people.
The woman is shouting at the man. She is furious, and he doesn’t seem to respond, but her face also shows anger.

Viewers thought this could be a protest or a big csignificantlict between two groups of people fighting each other to win. So the police had to be here. To prevent bad situations from happening. The online community is troubled and alarmed by this incident; they don’t understand what is happening and hope that. A follow-up video will explain this and give the results so they can answer their questions.

Some netizens shared:
“In this country, liberals think you have a right to your opinion as long as it agrees with them.”
“Dunno why they’re so angry, Biden is in, and minimum wage went up, isn’t it supposed to be all sunshine and roses now? Lol”
“We can tell who’s wrong by who’s screaming in someone else’s personal space. People who think they’re the loudest scream.”