The video below captures a chaotic image on the road; many people are gathered, and the police are aware. The remarkable thing is that they are watching people.
The woman is shouting at the man. She is furious, and he doesn’t seem to respond, but her face also shows anger.

Viewers thought this could be a protest or a big csignificantlict between two groups of people fighting each other to win. So the police had to be here. To prevent bad situations from happening. The online community is troubled and alarmed by this incident; they don’t understand what is happening and hope that. A follow-up video will explain this and give the results so they can answer their questions.

A protest is an expression or expression of thoughts, actions, disagreements with respect to regulations, related to the interests, of organizations or individuals, or a collection of groups of supporters for political purposes, or other reasons. It usually includes walking to mass parades and begins with a meetup at a designated or undesignated location.

Some netizens shared:


“That’s when you grab his middle finger an snap that bitch like a glowstick”

“F this attitude. I just dislike any girl that does this shi**”

“Equal right means equal fights”