Concealer (English name: Concealer) is usually a cream with superior and perfect coverage of defects such as acne, dark spots, freckles and even skin tone.

In addition to the main use of concealing defects, concealer also has other capabilities such as creating a base for lipstick color, standard and long-lasting eye color…

Currently, concealer has 3 basic forms: Concealer stick: convenient design, easy to apply on desired location and easy to carry. This is the most concentrated concealer line so it covers well, suitable for dark circles and scars.

Liquid Concealer: Liquid cream, light texture, absorbs quickly into the skin, is quite durable and long-lasting and allows you to adjust the amount of cream removed easily.

The product has moderate coverage suitable for covering acne spots. Concealer: Moderate cream texture, good coverage. The product has many different tones suitable for those who want to cover dark circles and even skin tone.

You should choose a concealer with benign ingredients and prioritize products with moisturizing ingredients and sunscreen to protect the skin. If you have acne problems, you should choose a concealer with acne-fighting, oil-control, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredients.

Each skin will often face many different problems that lead to different defects. For each type of skin defect, you must choose the right concealer tone to make your skin look natural.

At the request of a friend who commented on her post saying that white was too dark for them, she immediately experimented with white on paper and showed it to everyone.

She tried on white paper and still found concealer and then she said maybe other shades would work. She shoots a range of bold colors like brown and beige for all to see. The video made viewers admire her beauty, many people expressed their opinions:

“It’s hard to find a non-textured white foundation like clown makeup to see something good.”

“White definitely won’t be too pale for me. But I bought a nice pair of porcelain sunglasses and it looks like I’ve just been in Hawaii for a week 🤣”

“Find one that’s bright enough. It’s like not all white people have an orange background 😂👻💀”