Recently posted a video of another woman; she did her makeup and drew a picture of a dog and a boy on her face. After she pulled on her hat while wearing it, he turned his face towards drawing the dog, said something, and made mouth movements.

The dog was drawn so realistically and eye-catching that people enjoyed watching. They praised the girl and believed that she could become a talented artist and follow her passion; they even happily asked Can you add more pictures so they can admire such beautiful works? The quick video attracts many viewers, from adults to children.

Makeup painted on the face is a new trend recently favored by Makeup Artists. This type of makeup can help you cover flaws like
freckles and scars, … but in an artistic, creative way.

Not only stopping to draw flowers, leaves… With beauty and talent
flowers, the makeup artist created sketches of realistic and colorful drawings on the face. Bringing attractive beauty, full of highlights and new.