The video recorded an image of a girl cleaning the kitchen,d suddenly, she felt a chill, and the roll of paper on the table was short-fell. She was making the girl even more. She was scared. She felt cold, so she had to go and put on her coat to calm down and reassure herself. Next was an unexpected action that occurred, natural light.

She turned around in panic, vibrating and flickering, making the room ghostly. In the video, a silhouette of a man in white walked by. Pass and disappear. Many people feel afraid for the girl and do not understand what is happening; why that white shadow appears, and is it true? This is a spiritual story that no scientist can explain. Many people advise girls not to be afraid and be kind to them. they will behave be kind to the girl.

From shyness and doubt at first until now, after about a decade or two, “Spiritual” has become a word frequently used in the mouths of many people, with the contentstill very “blind” and neutral, we need to “determine” this concept to the fullest extent possible.

Whether consciously or not, we all understand “mind” as the arising source, as the hidden director, as the dynamic principle of thinking, feeling,
will, and desire… in short of all activities or spiritual life.” Spirit” or sacred is a “material” effect or effect on a person’s life or
existence of the object. The impact or product is of absolute magnitude, but its mechanism is outside and often contradicts experience.
Everyday common knowledge, empirical laws, and scientific principles