When drawing portraits, many people comment that drawing the human eye is the most difficult, the artist must show how to be both like the character and the most vivid and soulful, That’s why you should learn how to draw. Simple human eye for beginners with information
Only when you know everything, when it comes time to practice, you won’t be embarrassed

There is a saying that goes, “The eyes are the windows to the soul”. To scientists, eyes are very interesting. They develop technology that can use patterns in the eye to recognize people just like handwriting
Movies have depicted this technology for a long time and soon became a reality. Today some airports are starting to test the technology:”Eye ID”

With artists, the eyes play a different role. They are surrounded by many small muscles. Eye movement as an indicator of emotions on a person’s face, For example, by looking at the eyes, you can tell if the other person is happy or sad, angry, scared, excited

Besides, the eyes are an important medium in the visual arts. Most paintings of people or animals have eyes open or closed. Drawing eyes sometimes just needs a circle with 1 fuzzy dot inside. However, many artists can draw a pair of eyes so vivid that it makes viewers obsessed

Before you start learning how to draw human eyes, you need to understand what the basic parts of the eye are.
The heart: is the main part of the eye, and at the same time shows the soul of the character.
It has a circular shape with various colors, for example black, brown in yellow people, black, blue, gray, brown in white people.
White: The size that covers the outside of the yolk. They also partly show the character’s soul.
Eyelids: There are upper and lower eyelids. Depending on the characteristics of each person, it can include single eyelids, lined eyelids or double eyelids.

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