The video posted by an account has received a lot of comments from viewers, she used a metal detector to find something dropped right in this bush.

Bushes are overgrown and hard to find, so metal detectors are the perfect choice. As we all know, a metal detector is a device used to help users detect the presence of metal deep in the ground.

Metal detectors are applied in many specific fields and industries such as searching for mines left after the war, archeology, geology and also widely used in mineral exploration such as gold, silver, etc.

This device works on the principle of electromagnetic field. Induction, when electromagnetic waves propagate in the environment, when encountering metal, it will reflect back, the machine will receive data from it, process and notify the user. Use sound alerts.

Depending on the structure and application, the detector is divided as follows: By structure: handheld detector, gate detector, large detector, … By application: underground metal detector, detector underwater, metal detector in food.

Underground metal detector: The tester uses magnetic induction technology to penetrate underground to detect and locate metal. That girl used that device and found what she wanted. With this device, she will be able to find what she wants. Many comments admiring this device:

“This device is amazing”

“I want this device now”

“She’s so lucky to have this device”