Unlike women, the proportion of beautiful faces of men has a clear distinction. The masculinity of Westerners will be different from Easterners. Accordingly, in

Western countries, the standard of handsome face will be an angular face that shows masculinity and strength.

In the East, men with handsome faces have full faces. So what is the general standard to evaluate the gold standard of a handsome face? A guy with a

good-looking face will easily receive attention and sympathy from everyone around, especially women.

Not many people already own these standards. However, if the shape of the nose is not perfect, the eyes are small, lethargic or the jaw is wide, the chin is wide, the nose is big, you can completely overcome it to make the face more handsome.

In fact, each person has their own opinion and opinion about a handsome face. So, you can completely make yourself more handsome in your own way by paying attention to the following 6 things.

They are the standard measure for the question: What is a handsome face?. The tooth and the hair is the human angle, in addition to taking care of our teeth, we men also need to care about our hair.

Nowadays, hairstyle is also a factor that greatly affects the handsomeness of men, many boys have completely changed by choosing a beautiful hairstyle.

Choosing a suitable hairstyle is not only a way to be handsome but also helps you to cover many other defects such as bald head, height cheating, however, nose defects can be completely overcome. thoroughly by the L-line rhinoplasty method.

This is a not too complicated surgical method, the doctor uses cartilage compatible with the body to raise the bridge of the nose in the most natural way.