The video is posted about a girl who has feelings for the dentist, and she wants to approach him by pretending to go to the dentist, but her teeth don’t exist.
What’s the problem? After he checked and found that everything was fine and there was no problem, the girl laughed and took the boy’s hand, surprising him and not understanding what was happening.

The ending video left great curiosity in the online community, and they demanded a second part urgently because they wanted to know the subsequent development of this couple. Will they get together, or will the guy reject the girl? Many people leave their wishes for the girl to be able to conquer her love, no matter what the outcome. No regrets, either.

Love is an exciting thing. When you are in love, you always want to be with that person, and when you are not, you always think about them
you need that person, and without them, your life will not be complete. Love is a kind of selfless affection, without limits or not
conditional. That’s when you trust others, and you’ll do anything for them.

When you love someone, you want nothing more than to want them to be happy because you put your lover first. You don’t hide anything from them and
can say anything of you to them and vice versa.
Love can make you do anything and sacrifice all the good things for them. Everything seems brighter, happier, and more wonderful when
You are in love.