The video below reposts a picture of a boy and girl performing their trolling. The guy gave the girl a chair and used a blindfold to cover it. The girl’s eyes closed when she did this challenge. The girl seemed very excited to participate in this game. In front of the girl sitting, a human turned around.

She started the challenge brought out a pumpkin that had hollowed out on both sides, putputtingmething in it, and then slowly took her hand and inserted it from one end to the other.
And pulled her hand over the squash, let it touch the horse’s tail, then pulled her hand out of it and hid it. The girl’s hand was covered in mud or something foul,
and he removed the blindfold for the girl. After seeing her ears like this, she screamed and panicked. It seems that she was deceived by this incident and thought she had just given her hand.Into the horse’s anus, and his hands were covered in poop.

The video quickly gained a great deal of attention from netizens, and most people were annoyed by this troll of the guy; they thought he was real. It’s over, and I’m not happy with this anymore. The girl was shocked and panicked and thought he shouldn’t do this to her because of her likes and dislikes, an actual video.
Comedy when brings laughter and comfort to viewers.

Many people shared:
“I’ve never seen this done before – must be unique! (I’m 10000000% being sarcastic).”
“Haha. Bet she won’t play any more games with him. Kkkkkkkkkkk”
“So the stomachs of people in the four directions are empty?
You have to be stupid to realize that.”