In the video, the girl in the pink shirt can be seen entering the elevator first, followed by a girl. She’s a police officer, but because she’s wearing a coat, she can’t

be recognized.

Another special thing is that when she entered and pressed the button to go upstairs, the girl in pink did not let her press it. Butt and wiggly as if provoking her.

That girl thinks she’s the prettiest and has a sexy butt that’s why she’s like that, then she looks in the mirror and looks down on this girl because she doesn’t look like her.

As soon as this girl took off her shirt, the girl in pink realized that this was a police officer, she had a very attractive and beautiful body. She then looked scared and

the policewoman handed her her coat as a reminder.

The video received many comments from the online community, some people think that the girl in pink has received a lesson not to dare to show up anymore, the

policewoman is much prettier and hotter than her much, but she doesn’t brag.

And this girl has a contemptuous attitude towards others. Most netizens praised this policeman’s actions.

“It’s not that I can’t say that those pants were padded to make her butt look like a buffalo butt.”

“Go back to your lovely ass and get caught”

“Fake ass. Attention seeker”