Those who are exposed to lenses for the first time often have difficulty in removing the lenses. In particular, if the lens accidentally gets stuck in your eye, you are probably quite panicking and don’t know how to take it out.
Recently, the video of a girl crying all her tears but still unable to remove the lenses has attracted the attention of netizens. Many girls showed sympathy when they were in the same situation

For those who often have to wear makeup, wearing lenses is indispensable, but it is not always easy to take out easily.
Even though she used a tool to remove the lens, the girl also had to give up, until her eyes turned red because of the pain, she still couldn’t remove it. The most painful video is here
When a contact lens is stuck, it can be difficult to remove it normally. However, panicking or worrying only makes it more difficult for you to remove the glasses from your eyes.

Be very calm, take a short time to relax and give your eyes a rest before continuing to remove the lens.
Many people after watching the video humorously commented:
“Everyone knows you gotta take your eye out, remove the contact lenses, then proceed to put your eye back in place. You’re welcome.”
“It’s better to NEVER use contact lenses🙄 simple as that!!”
“If contact lenses hurt or feel uncomfortable you’ve put them in the wrong way.”

If the contact lens slips into the corner of your eye, you can see the piece clearly by looking in the mirror and easily remove it from your eye. To remove, try to look in the opposite direction from where the lens pad is.
Sometimes contact lenses get stuck in the eyes because they are drying out. To solve it, you can use specialized eye drops to moisten contact lenses. Put a few drops of eye drops directly on the lenses, wait a few minutes for the lens pads to restore moisture and feel smooth again.
If your lenses get stuck under your eyelids or in the corners of your eyes, providing extra eye drops will make it easier for them to slide back into place so you can take them off.

After your contact lenses are moistened, you will remove them from your eyes in the usual ways. Before that, blink a few times or close your eyes for a few seconds to stabilize the lens position and then start removing it from your eye.