Content creation on TikTok, YouTube… is considered an interesting profession by Vietnamese young people because of its many followers, comfortable time, and high income. And this is also the second largest social network currently being used. many young people care and pay attention
In order to stand out, young people often create content that attracts viewers, recently, the trend of showing off a huge family comes from the position of girls to avoid approaching rude boys.

Not to mention the trend “Cheat on me i dare you”. A girl has caught the attention of the online community when showing off her amazing family. Makes the boys who want to know the girl but see the family like this, cry too
According to the video, it is known that his father is a famous Taekwondo master Kim who has received many awards in the past
Grand Master Kim is an 8th Degree Black Belt, an Olympic Gold Medalist and five time World Champion. His knowledge and experience has made World Champion Taekwondo a premier school here in the Portland area.

Master Kim’s reputation allows him to recruit the best instructors in Taekwondo. Our schools have Head Masters who are multiple National Champions, members of prestigious Korean Demonstration teams or students of Master Kim for the past 20+ years.
All are handpicked, mentored and trained by Master Kim to keep his vision alive and we are dedicated to providing a stable, family environment where you can excel in your personal goals and find a varied and supportive community.
Not only that, the girl’s mother also surprised viewers, when she possessed excellent achievements such as 12 years of teakwwondo, 3rd degree black belt. It can be seen that she is a strong, energetic person,

As someone with such a wealth of experience in fighting, who dares to touch her pet daughter?
Not only that, the girl’s two older brothers are also not average, when their parents are in the fighting profession, they are also trained to fight from a young age.
Not to mention these two have also won many awards for Taekwondo.

With a family of this quality, every guy who knows her must think for sure, if he’s used to playing, he’ll be bruised.
The video, after being posted on social networks, has attracted the attention of millions of views and comments, many of whom humorously share photos of their family.

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