The video was posted about the image of an uncle holding his grandchild down from a car; the remarkable thing here is that the uncle is gay and has very acting gestures. Girly wears tight white pants and a blue tank top with a pair of high heels and pushes the burnt man away with a stroller. A girl on the street She saw this picture of him and was very surprised by his actions because a guy with a handsome appearance has female acts.

After uploading the video, which attracted the netizens’ attention, they laughed at the boy’s femininity; they thought that this guy. It’s just acting to get likes; it’s not the truth. Others believe this is the truth and the man is not working. Because nowadays, gay people are no longer strangers.

With us, and gradually recognized as not being criticized and ridiculed like before. They are also ordinary people but belong to the third gender and have needs. He wants and wants to live with his true self.

Gay is used to describing sexual orientation or love between a man and another male. At this time, men will feel attracted to people
same sex. At that time, homosexual love was not merely sexual orientation but included emotional vibrations and attachment.
The end of two similar souls.