Recently on social networks appeared a video with one of the most popular children’s play areas, in this building there will be slides and climbing games for those who like to conquer heights.

The boy in the video is an example when this boy participates in a slide game but it will be different from normal slides, this game will use force to hold on to the handle and then be pulled up each slide.

Step and release your hand and it will fall. The feeling of falling from above will be different from other slides, in addition, the difference here is that instead of sitting and sliding down, this slide will pull us up with a lying position.

At a height of 20m we can see it is very high even when looking at it will be dizzy for those who cannot play these games. When he slid down, the boy showed great interest in the experience and the video also received a lot of attention from netizens about the video.

Some think that this will be a game that promises a lot of fun and excitement for the little ones.

” This looks like it’s going to be interesting 👍”

“Wish there was a place like this somewhere”

“I kept thinking how good that would be for my back”