Jannie Ligons, the director of a day care center in Oklahoma City, will never forget the night in 2014 when Oklahoma City Marshal Daniel Holtzclaw pulled her back.
“I open the door. He came to my car and said, ‘I’m blocking you because you’re going off track,”Ligons recalled to ABC News,’ ’20/20.’ ‘ “He asked me to put my hand on the roof of his police car on the passenger side and that’s what I did. I put my hand on the roof of his car and he started patting me on the body.”

Ligons’ story of what happened during the stop was exactly the same as Holtzclaw’s, which was that until, she said, Holtzclaw forced her to reveal herself under the search for Ligons, a 58-year-old four-year-old mother and 12-year-old grandmother, because of a concealed weapon. Ligons is African-American, and Holtzclaw is half-white, half-Japanese.
‘You’re not allowed to do that, sir.’ I said that ‘You don’t do that,’ said Ligons. “And then in my mind like ‘Oh, he’s going to kill me.’ I said, ‘No cop will do nothing like this and let me live.’ I said, I can’t believe he’s doing it.”

Ligons said she was begging Holtzclaw not to hurt her and thought if she told him about her grandchildren he would withdraw.
“It didn’t bother him at all,” she said. “I thought… he married the wrong woman, I’m too old for him… but it didn’t work.”
Ligons said Holtzclaw then forced her to have oral sex with him in the back of his patrol car, while other cars were driving on the road.
“As the car was passing, he followed the car and came back to me and said, ‘OK, let’s go’, he said, ‘I don’t have all night. I just got out of office, ‘”Ligons said. “I saw my life go by in front of my eyes because the only thing I saw was the gun on his right flank. It was terrifying. It’s like a nightmare. It’s not real, you know?”

When it was over, Ligons said Holtzclaw got out of the car, zipped his pants and waited for Ligons to get up and return to her car. Then she said that he got in his patrol car and drove off.
Two hours later, Ligons said family members had encouraged her to report the officer’s attack to the police.