In the clip, a traffic policeman tries to throw money at people’s cars parked on the side of the road to deliberately search and prosecute. I’ve seen the whole video still calling bs about this I’ve seen the police take stuff from other people’s pockets never seen anyone throw it back in the car!! Talk about “I don’t want to touch it” lies. Firstly you touched it, secondly why throw it in the car instead of wearing a hood. 3rd they say it’s just trash if it’s trash it goes in the trash not in someone’s car/ why would you wear gloves to touch the trash you just touched and put in the car of that man.

No, I just don’t like the truth. In the end the police don’t throw back the evidence they took out of your bag, they make sure to leave it on the hood or trunk. Stop trying to justify fraudulent police activities. He found that bag on the driver he had just searched and threw it on the back seat to put his gloves on. This has been proven. Stop hating on Dorothea cops just because they’re cops or next time you’re in trouble, call an addict to help you. no brother, that’s your stinky shoe, bro, put that shit back on! It stinks the whole thing shit! You’re not even wearing socks.

And you hate someone with bad feet?? You seem stupid. Moral is that you are practically equal and opposite of what you hate hypocrisy. This is a great example of how to edit a video to be misleading. If you’ve watched the entire video, you’ll know that what he just put in the car was pulled from the bag of one of the suspects out of the car. I don’t think Russell Sturir has ever witnessed a vehicle search, I’m pretty sure the search subject was standing outside the vehicle under the supervision of another city figure and whatever they found. usually collected on the roof or trunk of a quad bike because why would an officer take something out of their pocket and then throw it in the car and start putting gloves on as if he just found it.

That would be meaningless. He finding it on someone’s person gives me the same possible cause to search the car as he only finds it in the car. So no cops are talking nonsense. And better to be fired and charged with what he did this is why BLM is calling for the removal of police cameras. After they demand that all the police arrest them, they are singing a different tune when lawsuits are not so easy that because one cannot edit phone footage to make the police look bad when the camera is on. The supervisor is recording the entire interaction. . not clear across the board, you’re stupid. Why did the police ask “what” then? Why is he wearing gloves? When I say stupid, I don’t mean you’re stupid, I just mean you don’t know about police shit. Probably because it has never happened to yourself or anyone you know. Then ask yourself, well why.