The video below captures the image of a man and a policewoman working on the road; the girl is trying her best to talk to the man using the vehicle. Convenient tourist shuttle bus. Suddenly a stranger with a hidden face ran over his head, wearing a horse-shaped hat holding a cream cake and holding it to the girl’s face.

Ran away. When he saw the incident, the male policeman was very happy and teased the girl. The video ended up leaving netizens with many thoughts and controversies. Why people? Why is the policeman acting like that? Why is the other policeman so happy?

They were causing trouble for the girl. Many controversies occurred, but there was still no answer. Some people thought that the actions of the hidden person were unconscious and worthy of condemnation. The joke is not funny and affects others, she is working, but she puts the cake on her face and then throws all her clothes like that.

Love stumbles, and this is an intentional action. That action makes the viewer think of the birthday cake incident with the owner of the party like that, which is not fun at all and It’s a waste of cake, so people shouldn’t do that.