Recently, a video after being posted has attracted many views on how to defend yourself you put her in the problem of being discovered. A black policeman when watching the video had a lot of many facial expressions. In the first clip, a child in a gray suit is opposite is a man holding a gun and shooting children directly in the head with a threatening and aggressive mode.

The policeman repeatedly began to seem pleased with the action. She is learning the natural way. Protect yourself in a safe environment. Rope is a father who does what his father does with my daughter. After that, the children shot at him with the water gun in their hand and immediately ignored it run. The policeman opened his eyes wide when he saw the action, then he opened his mouth and raised ups. I understand if a person wants their child to grow up strong but that is too much of a limit.

He added an ego to the kids and the kids would probably catch up with her friends at that rate. Today’s lack of boundaries makes humans inhabited like animals, messy. Who back has status Such disrespect for parents? Parents must teach their children to respect and be kind to good and strong people die with the bad guys. A child must have the qualities of a good man, wisdom and strength of a lion. Some people condemn her when seeing her actions: “I will break it if that is a real weapon, he will die, he is slower than the girl because she has a reaction.

Good gunner, she did it right, I know he’s trying to show her how easy it is to weapon, but the woman has good speed.” “I’m sure you’re just having fun with me my daughter but trust me I’m teaching her not to be bullied or used by anyone It’s a great job in life, Dad.” “Can’t get angry at your child because of the expressions behavior they are witnessing their parents do. He started at home with his parents.