The wife in the video opens the gift he gave her child, the wife opens the gift and inside is a trampoline. Reportedly, Trampoline is simply understood as a sport

(or game) in which players will bounce on an elastic canvas (furnace or elastic band).

The action of bouncing on a trampoline offers a strange discount thanks to the constant force of the impact that makes the player able to bounce very loudly and softly.

Trampoline was not originally popular as a regular exercise for everyone, but it was only performed by acrobats. The first complete trampolines appeared around 1936 in the United States and were mainly used for the rebound exercise of professional football.

But then, trampoline gradually became familiar and became a popular recreational sport. With its popularity, Trampoline has become a highly recreational fitness sport, Trampoline is everywhere in the world as a trampoline for dancing and exercising.

However, very few people know that Trampoline is used as a training device for professionals in many areas of life: Astronaut and Astronaut Training, Professional Competition, Support for Sports good sports practice.

The video also makes viewers feel very excited with this trampoline and surely this will be a great gift that our children will love:

“Sounds like a good father”

“So sweet. He just wants to be a good father no matter where his job takes him.”

“I bought my 1-and-a-half year old grandson a mini trampoline and $100 trampoline park money. He loves to dance”