Recently, the man’s actions have attracted a lot of attention and sharing of people.In the video we see a group of professional motorists,they stopped at a place to rest, and when they were about to start, a man with a latex hat came up to them and teased them like a pervert.

At first he seemed scared but a little later he was staring at them and running to the office with the handle on the motorcycle, the woman was angry and forcefully raised her hand to hit him.

At that time he ran away and did not dare to approach them but still stood looking from a distance and in him still wanted to keep teasing those two professional motorists.

He knows them. Look into the eyes of the second driver. She’s not upset, and you can see him walking around and shaking hands with a friend.There’s a difference between Rocket Rider and Harley Rider, if it’s a group of people with Harleys working, it’s all set.
Some people were very angry about the man’s actions,he was like a pervert and they should have told the police to arrest him.