The man is driving on the highway, it looks like he is driving very fast and extremely dangerous. He goes at a speed that exceeds the allowed limit that takes

the viewer by surprise until he sees the police and he sees the police and then has a remarkable action.

Small ticket. Be mature, mature and take responsibility for your actions. Besides, it seems the officer didn’t even turn around. So now you are rushing away in panic, for what?

Drive fast, don’t stop at the stop sign, your car loses power. Why? They weren’t even chasing you at the time, you idiot. How much does a damn fool have to become to record himself running away from the police?

Then post it online? The stupidest of fools! I watch these videos all the time, especially about organ donors on their bikes. I feel like my IQ drops every time I see something like this.

And all that could end up being a $100 ticket, many assumed he would get a ticket from the police for his act:

“Meanwhile, you’re beating your ride, like someone rushes forward and both you and everyone else die”

“All of that could end up being a $100 ticket”