Recently, the act of driving on the road of a very aggressive driver attracted and caused a stir in the network recently. The viodeo was recorded when a man stopped the car on the road ,he got out of the car, there was an oto car from the other end came and flew very quickly into the puddle, causing the water to splash and the man immediately fell badly.

That man is a Wyoming cop. All lights are in the back and they must be on when they are not in the average range. They’re most likely on top of you just can’t see them.
Even if the officer doesn’t turn on the emergency light, does it cause a driver to speed in those conditions and run off the road? what says he’s speeding? Might have crossed the speed limit.

Lights or no lights if you’re driving for clear weather and PAYING ATTENTION to the road in front of you will see the car stopped in front. Keep blaming the police for not turning on the lights if you want to do it without apologizing to the driver for not watching closely enough in front of him and/or going too fast because of the conditions. Archibald Witwicky?

Some people were very angry and had a lot of sharp contradictions:
“This has nothing to do with this officer, complete lack of common sense and IGNORANCE is where the problem lies,,, SLOW DOWN!!!!! Extreme weather conditions ensure caution when driving in them!!!! LET’S WAKE UP!!! Holy shit. “
“You don’t need light when you have a giant ego going baby read body language pass through otherwise”
“The police turned on the lights at the back of the cruiser. He’s on the road helping another car in the winter storm on I-80. “