In the clip, the black car caused a stir, although he could see the cars behind him through the mirror, but he still purposely made way. Probably because he did it to separate the rows and prevent that behavior.

which is probably the cause of the upper white border, the black car made a huge mistake for the cars behind, which was the owner who recorded the clip. We don’t live in a Disney world, he’s not important enough to be in. He has a signal on the mirror that no one can see in broad daylight. His taillight indicators are not working. His job is to proceed when it is safe to not be in danger to those around him.

This behavior is exactly why people don’t let other people in. We don’t know what happened before he was able to pass 12 cars while trying to bypass the traffic and it was noticed by the driver. Anyway, the answer is that you make mistakes with your surroundings. These drivers are what cause most of the accidents. Driving like this really pisses me off, driving only cares about myself and I don’t care how long you’re stuck in that line.

There’s nothing wrong with an orange car. They were on the right track, but because the Black car was not paying attention, the orange car had to stop, so the clip was recorded.