The video shows a man with his car moving around the city, he and this car are like longtime friends and this makes him appreciate his car.

To keep the car safe, he often checks everything around before and after getting in the car to always know if his car is safe or not.

During a careless walk on the street, there was an iron rod hooked to the top of a car, the size of an iron rod and quite long, he drove the car to the

place and took it out, he was completely surprised.

I don’t understand why such a long iron rod can be hooked to his car, fortunately has not damaged the car and does not cause danger to people around.

It went deep into the car and then he pulled it out, viewers also wondered about the appearance of this iron, there was an opinion that it might have been

attached for a long time and he discovered it in time.

It is also suggested that a number of factors have affected his car. The video has received interaction and comments from netizens about this short film.

“I wonder where it went.”

“That’s some funny shit”

“It’s the 5th wheel of the truck”