The video posted a picture of a dog playing in the corner of his garden, and its owner found it difficult to understand why he regularly went out to play like that. He loves chess. They caught the dog playing with the boy next door through a small row between the two houses.

And one day, the other neighbor decided to block the fence over there and did not let the boy go out to play with the dog anymore. Although the wall was secured, the dog regularly went out there to wait for the little boy or when he saw it. His voice. The video quickly gained the attention of netizens, and they felt sorry for the dog and the boy when his family prevented him from playing together.

Dogs have close feelings for each other, so they meet and play with each other every day. The dog will know who is good and who is terrible with mine to treat them back. It is a The breed is brilliant and is not always aggressive, and acts indiscriminately.
On the other hand, some people agree with the little boy’s mother because they want to protect the boy. Because this is the neighbor’s dog, not their own, they can’t control it.

As well as knowing if this dog kept it or not and whether it would harm the boy. Dogs were domesticated by humans thousands of years ago when wolves began to evolve. Wolves are initially packed animals and always listen to the pack’s leader, so they always have special bonds with other animals in their flock. Gradually in the process of evolution and domestication, dogs become gentle and obedient to their owners. Dogs always help homeowners look after the house; sometimes, they are trained to be able to do errands or serve people’s entertainment needs. They never betray their master, always loyal from infancy to old age.