This video has received a lot of comments from netizens about this video, the video shows a dog being pressed down by its owner, with his mouth covered with

a mask mouth back.

Sadness and fatigue are evident on her face, fortunately this dog has a guy who saw her lying on the floor but did not see the owner, so he came to see and decided to bring her home it comes check.

Luckily, she was rescued by a veterinary technician and brought in for a check-up and re-evaluation. Looking at this dog, there is something quite attractive and

very cute, he loves this dog very much because he feels sorry for being abandoned by his owner and also loves it because it is very gentle and attractive by its


The cameraman was also fascinated by this beauty, but what they argued was that the owner of this dog was too cruel to it because while this dog was in pain,

the owner did not care and take care of it, but on the contrary even give it up it . A few comments:

“Everybody sucks!”

“Those who brought her in need to be dealt with. Seriously…”

“Thank you for saving her life 🥰”