In the clip, it is about a golden dog standing in the house looking out at the street through the glass window. Seeing a stranger passing by a friendly dog greeting the guest, someone ignored it and left. Some people stood and greeted the dog and greeted the dog, but the four-year-old boy stood in front of the door and did not open the door and pointed to the no-saluting sign hanging on the right outside.

door. It is good for a dog to be polite to strangers, but when it comes to strangers, the dog still won’t correct it. This owner needs to teach the dog to bark and look after the house when meeting strangers. Teach the dog to bark strangers and training a guard dog, try to get the dog to understand human language. This is the ultimate goal. When it’s in the house, it’s not just a housekeeper, It is also a polite receptionist, good at observing the owner’s face.

Listen to the owner’s command, quickly do the work of receiving guests. At first when training To train a guard dog, ask a friend for help. The dog will not know who that friend is, consider it strange. The uninvited guest just goes straight into the house, the dog training
barking is effective. With just 5 basic steps to teach your dog to bark below, the dog will bark at your command: Fix the dog: Leash the dog to a tree or somewhere sturdy, safe. Get your dog excited: You can hold a dog toy  that he likes or other items that excite him. Getting Started: When Your Dog Is Frustrated, Ham
If he wants to, if he can’t get the toy, he will bark. The goal here is to make the dog angry. You can swing the toy in front of the dog that swings back and forth out of your reach it. Surely the dog will get frustrated and lead to it “Barking”. Then we have succeeded in teaching the dog to bark. Reward: As soon as the dog barks you press the Clicker. and reward it by allowing it to play with the item. Also combine rewards. Repeat over and over: Keep playing this game until your dog is normal barking often. You can now add a “Bark” command or a hand sign. If it barks, it’s close to success. Continue to praise, reward it. After getting used to the command you just need to Make signs, read bark commands and it barks, you praise and reward food. Dog food can be nuts, sausages or treats. Daily practice regularly, teach the dog
bark so the dog remembers the command.