The clip shows a girl, she is a doctor wearing a brownish-brown outfit, sports shoes, a heel shoe in hand, a name tag on her neck and a stethoscope to examine.
Then she started to follow the trend of dropping the shoe on her foot, slipping and then taking it up again, the result appeared as a hotgirl kicking her feet wearing a black Xxy dress and hair.

drop down, feet on heels plus a little charisma from the face. Thanks to her beautiful beauty, she quickly attracted attention. Only appeared a few minutes in the trailer of the chapter, In the process, the beauty  transgender  was impressed by her beautiful body. Besides, the hot girl also scored with her charming smile and “salty” way of talking. Immediately, she received a lot of attention and search on social networks.

To get the current figure, she had to undergo many gender reassignment surgeries. Even though she’s beautiful, she’s been through it too
unhappy love story. On her personal page, she works hard to post pictures of herself. Delicate face, harmonious lines, smooth white skin…, everything belongs to one girl beautiful girl. The girl is known to the online community through the transformation clip on TikTok. With a doll-like face, big round eyes, high nose bridge and small lips, she’s fast quickly became the focus of attention, attracting millions of views. Not only a good doctor, but also a girl who is loved by the online community.