The guy in the video is a person with a disease called retardation, he is not as agile or healthy as others, but on the contrary is pursued by this disease. Intellectual

disability, also known as intellectual disability – the term refers to children who are mentally retarded and lack necessary life skills such as communication, thinking,


However, there are still children who have the disease. have the above symptoms. intellectual like any other normal child. Children with disabilities need to be taught in a unique way.

Intellectual disability when performing movements, in this case, children with disabilities will have a lot of difficulties in movement and cannot perform those movements skillfully.

They may not develop properly for their age and have difficulty with hand-eye coordination. When it comes to any kind of disability, it can be a decline in a child’s ability to see and hear.

This problem will have a great influence on the learning process of children in the future. Newborns may have difficulty processing visual and audio information. In some cases, they even lose the ability to distinguish between different types of sounds.

The difficulties and misfortunes that a person with a disability has to go through is difficult, but speaking out about their mission is even more difficult. As in the video, a disabled boy surprised many people when he transformed into a police officer, wearing a police uniform and looking quite fond of this style:

” At least he’s honest.”

“This if the FCC is crazy, I disagree. I respect sinners but this is too much”

“You know why I pulled over because I was getting off”