The actions of men and women are always shown to compare them with different gestures and movements; the video shows the difference between women.
Officers and male officers, when boarding their patrol car, especially the male officer, will describe the female officer’s actions and chest, and the female officer will describe the female officer’s behavior.

The Action of male officers. First, the male officer will explain he opens the door and holds a backpack in one hand; one has water and a glass of soft drink, and he orders two kinds of water right away. Short in the storage, so next to the seat and put the bag right in the passenger seat, the next thing that makes every girl laugh because it’s sure every girl does at least

Several times a day, the guy opens the side mirror on the car to look at himself and pulls the seat up to the correct position. Sit very seriously to start driving. Next video is
The female officer will describe the male officer’s actions; she opens the door and quickly sits in the driver’s seat holding a bottle of water, opens it, takes a sip, and throws the bottle away.

The water to the side then prepares to leave. Through the video, you can see the difference between the two before getting in the car, and that’s true for everyone.
Who showed interest and found himself in it. Women are always gentle and careful in all work, while men always work quickly and not according to schedule, which could be better. We can also see how we acted before the incident and how we must correct it. Which makes things better.

Today’s society is always equal between women and men, and everyone has the same right to live and do what they want.
Men and women go to the measuring table to compare and lower each other in all circumstances.