The video below captures the image of two police officers filming a video of themselves dancing and posting it online; the short video quickly attracted attention.
Many netizens received mixed opinions. After severe and stressful working sessions, some people expressed interest in their cuteness and innocence.

Well, they also have the right to live with their true self. To express the passions they desire. They have a more sympathetic and closer look at the image of the people. The policeman is serious, strict, and disciplined when working. Besides, some people think they should focus on their work, and they must keep it.

Order and safety for everyone rather than dancing; they should not be distracted from work and neglect it. Some netizens said:
“They’re not great with me when they pull me back or even come into contact with me, usually 3-4 taxes minimum, and that’s the kindest seven words ever.”
“That day in the video, three unregistered cars just ran a red light on Chelmsford Road.”

“Haha, this is where I meet in the morning to go to work; I’ll keep an eye out for these clowns.”
“You guys are supposed to fight bad guys, not practice, Choreo!!! JUST DO IT”