The video is the story that the girl shares about a dog she adopted but unfortunately happened to it. The text of the passage reads as follows:

” Yesterday i adopted a dog named Yogi, then the most terrifying thing happened…he was owener surrendered and had lived most of his life outdoors…It appears that he may not have ridden in cars much, so I rollled the windows down a little to see if he would enjoy the fresh air…Then, as i turned onto the highwway and sped up, he did the unimaginable…
He squezed his huge body out of the partially rolled down and was gone in a flash..I slammed on the brakes, pulled over and ran across the hightwway as Yogi’s body stopped rolling… And got him off the highway as fasst as possible…I sounded mad, but I was terrifies. I had to lift his 80+lb body into the car…”

After the video was posted, it quickly attracted a lot of attention and comments from everyone, many people pointed out the cause and negligence to lead to such an incident, they thought it was a bad thing. who wishes and hopes to be more careful in the future.

Some comments from everyone ;

“Is not even small dog no need for full windows open really big mistake for first traveller but I get probably she exited didn’t think properly’

“New owners fault 100%. He is now no doubt even more traumatised now no thanks to her’

“This is why you have a harness and clip it into a seat belt.’

“Hope a lesson was learned here. Doggies need to be protected at all times. Harness, doggie seat belts, booster seats for small dogs, etc, and ALWAYS have them on a leash. ALWAYS. Microchip and collar with proper id. You never know what they might do. It is our responsibility as doggie parents to protect them. Glad he is ok.”

That’s why in civilized countries, dogs can’t travel loose in the cabin. Never on the lap and never with the windows also open.

It sickens me to see people driving on highways with their windows open and their dogs on their laps between their chests and the wheel.”

“Glad the dog is okay, but seriously that’s on you. A traumatized dog caged up and then put in another confided space and you didn’t think to restrain w a doggy seatbelt or keep windows down so his whole body wouldn’t fit through. You’re lucky that dog didn’t die or cause an accident.Do better”