In the video, a couple goes to court to resolve some issues, there are many people witnessing this in court. They are talking about children and many complicated


Both of them can be seen listening to a recording involving the father and son, in the recorded conversation we overheard it was mentioned that the child was not ours, so this Very complicated.

Unfortunately, this is a generation that doesn’t even know when to be embarrassed. Beautiful on the outside but pure on the inside. What we feel is that the two are arguing very strongly because in the recording, the man thinks the child is not his, but when confronted with the judge and everyone, he says no her, so she told him what he said.

I want to listen to my anger. Because of this, the marriage also came to an end, they felt there was a problem that could not be resolved, so they decided to go to court together.

The video makes viewers extremely surprised because the breakup of both is extremely troublesome and involves children. This can cause a breakdown in a relationship. Some netizens commented:

“Unfortunately, this is a generation that doesn’t even know when to be ashamed. It’s beautiful on the outside but completely rotten on the inside. No food. Have mercy.”

“If I remember, he kept saying it wasn’t his, so she told him what he wanted to hear, out of anger. They skipped that part.”

“DNA should be the law before asking for child support…. It’s a man’s right. No woman should be offended by asking for txt blood if you want child support”

“It’s not his until the child support comes due.”