Love is the most beautiful, profound, and indescribable feeling for someone. Love is an exciting thing. When you’re in love, you always want to be with that person, and when you’re not, you’re always thinking about them because you need that person, and without them, your life wouldn’t be When you love someone, you want nothing more than to want them to be happy because you put your lover first. You don’t hide anything from them and can say anything to them and vice versa.

The video captures the image of a couple going to the beach and the husband lying in the sun; the wife is pregnant and seems to be in the last months of pregnancy. Ky is coming closer to him and wants to sunbathe like him. When the wife lay down on the sand, she suddenly realized that her belly was too big and could not lie face down. The husband quickly supported her and dug a small hole in the sand so she could lie in the sun with him without hurting her pregnant belly.

After that, the two people sunbathe together, and the video ends with the guy turning to kiss the girl’s head, making viewers feel warm instead. They are full of love.

As well as her marriage. Many praise her husband, who is highly psychological and loves his wife and children. And the girl is so happy to have a loving husband.
As a woman, everyone wants to be loved, especially during pregnancy and morning sickness; they must carry a tremendous sacred responsibility and be loved and cared for. The most important thing at that time. Please respect and love the woman next to you more.