In the clip, the couple is learning to ride a motorbike on the highway. The male friend practices driving for the female friend, but the two drive two cars.
The actions of these two friends are extremely dangerous because:

Driving practice must choose an empty route with no traffic, helping us in the process of driving to avoid collisions with pedestrians.
Driving practice must go with two people in one car, the driving instructor is behind so they can correct the female friend’s behavior when the steering wheel is off and the female friend can keep
Stay calm and safe while driving. That’s for girls to quickly learn to drive a motorbike in the fastest way

When you first learn to drive, you must choose low, light cars, which help the learner to walk easily
Absolutely do not practice on the highway, it is a violation of the law we need to pay attention. Do not choose vehicles that are too heavy or tall to practice driving.
Wish you prepare to practice motorbike so be a little more careful. Avoid and shouldn’t repeat like the above cases, that’s the stupidest and worst thing we can do
We should not follow.