The video below uploads a picture of a man and a woman sitting together at the bar and eating together. The girl seems very angry and throws food all around and even throws it. Food was on the man sitting with her, then she took her glass of water and left in anger. The man did not react to the harsh attitude and actions. The girl’s exaggeration. He bent down to endure.

The video, after posting, caused netizens to stir and discuss a lot. They didn’t understand what was happening and why they were doing it.
Eating and drinking together like that, the girl angrily threw the food around and left. They thought that the girl was too much to act like that in this situation. This is a crowded place. People and girls should control their emotions and not act to affect themselves and others.

They feel sorry for this man when they meet one. Such a hot woman. On the other hand, some people defend the girl and think that this guy must have done something too much to make the woman angry and act crazy. She seemed to want to explode and was helpless to do anything but throw food at this man and leave.

Netizens left many comments before this incident:
“If this is how she acts, I’m glad she’s gone!”
“Now you know why guys choose to go it alone!”
“Is this like their 3rd video? Does she have a tantrum problem, or is he just too crazy?”
“Another fake one. The camera is ready, and the boys at the bar are unimpressed! Lol!”